Why a Lensman?

I feel like the term “photographer” doesn’t carry the meaning it once used to. Everyone with a DSLR or smartphone is a “photographer” these days. Its no longer about understanding light and how to use and manipulate it to create an incredible image… so I opted to call myself a Lensman. Rather than “Sebastian Nico Photography”, I made it more personal – Seb The Lensman. Everyone knows me as Seb, so I’d like my clients to feel comfortable calling me the same.

Why I love what I do.

My first camera was a Panasonic cam-corder, the type that would record videos on to tape but stills would be captured on a whopping 32mb SD card -I must have been 10 years old. I then started taking an interesting in photography at around 15 years old, I dabbled in Macro photography for a while and slowly started to develop a love for being behind a camera. I was trained by some of the best in the industry during my teens (It was also a great way of earning cash on the side) -the most valuable thing I learned while assisting -was how to handle a full scale commercial shoot, I began to long for a life where I was a full time photographer -a few years of hustling and living off mince on toast -here I am. Over the years I also gained an interest in Fine Art -specifically the works of Bosch and Dali, I absolutely love surrealism and dramatic scenes of any kind. Whilst a lot of this portfolio is commercial and portrays what I do on a day to day basis -my passion projects are found under my “Fine Art” category in this portfolio. This is where I get to pour my soul into an image and express what might be bothering/inspiring me at that specific time.

Where I call home

I live in South Africa, Durban to be specific. I reside on the North Coast. I do love my home town with all my heart, I think Durban has so much potential and I loved how laid back life can be here. At the same time Durban has many many issues, I try to let negative experiences influence me in a positive manner. Photography is undoubtedly an art, and as artists it is our duty to express our angst in a moment, so that our viewers will find comfort/discomfort and relatability in our art AND so that we can capture emotion and keep it for future generations to interpret. Art for me is the only platform in which humans can truly experience empathy for one another… however I digress – South Africa is my home, but who knows where life might take me!